Saturday, 15 September 2012

Rice Quality Control with Matlab

Software Matlab

Toolboxes: Image toolbox and computer vision toolbox

Aims and Description

Develop a simple application to identified specific visual properties like

·    Size measurement
·    Color Measurement

In rice grains with a webcam and Matlab image processing toolbox.


Rice is one of the principal sources of food and it is the basic grain for a big part of the world population. In Asia is the principal component of protein .In some part of Asia rice can compose the 80% of a basic food. Rice on its position as a principal element in the global diet is more that elementary that has to be controlled in basic quality standards. Rice can be qualified in a variety of properties such cooking texture, color, size, shape and the number of broken rice kernels. (Verma 2010)
Japan Food agency evaluates the quality of brown rice when is shipped. The characteristic as sound whole kernel, immature kernel and underdeveloped kernel are evaluated. this evaluation is made by inspector of the agency.(Kawamura et al. 2003)
Brown rice is processed and their different components are separated. Brown layers and germen are retired letting behind the kernel. Broken kernels in theory are separated by mechanical action. The percentage of broke kernels establish the principal parameter in the price of the rice. Rice kernels are consider broken when their size is three-fourths of a complete kernel (Agriculture 2009)

The Beta version of the code can be consult in
Matlab GUI image
 Using Matlab sample video

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