Friday, 26 July 2013

Translator Between Torque controller and thrusters

As the AUV have four thrusters that can rotate in any direction its generates a vector U of possible Torque direction where T1,T2,T3 is the component x,y,z of  thruster number 1.However the PD tracking controller generates a force vector Tb of the way  where X,Y,Z are the forces and K,M,N are the moments over the gravitational center in the AUV.

However L can not be inverse and to solve the system it has to be applied and advanced algorithm to solve the system with a seed data .In the case of Matlab this can be made with fsolve(@myfun,x0) where x0 is the seed data .In this case seed data is a vector where each data is X/4,Y/4,Z/4,K/4,M/4 and N/4

Work in progress.......

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Design Of An AUV(Inventor/Flow simulation solidworks)

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Seleccion of Motors

In robotics the most complicate step is the selection of motors and battery. the weight of the battery is the principal component of the mass of a robot. In the process to design AUV i decide to start the design with the selection of thrusters with a high drag force of 1.5 and a speed of 3 knots.Teknodyne
With the selection of thruster it can be selected the battery pack and continue with the design of the external shape to establish the real drag force.

the drag force depends of the longitudinal projected area of the AUV there was established the need to simulated different direction of movement

Drag Coefficient=0.64

Drag Coefficient =0.75


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