Monday, 21 January 2013

Emboss of an image with inventor

Usually to add an binary image as a logo to inventor is a process of converting the image to eps and then tranfer that file to autocad and the to inventor. But that process can generate mistakes in the quality of the tranfer.To solve that problem I wrote a matlab code that generate a excel file with the boundary coordinates of the image.with the use of the function to export point  of Inventor,the points can be transfer to a sketch to be used in the emboss function.At the moment to export in the option of inventor it can be choose to create automatically lines or b-spline lines between the points. (2.0 MB)!tENgmZaR!ZpQpSW4_3yr0ATdRD6mItWQDvJdO5sOA-xk-J0NayQA

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