Wilmer Ariza

Melbourne -Victoria


Qualifications Summary


Master of engineering(Advanced Manufacturing Technology),Swinburne University of Technology (expected completion date: December 2013)


Bachelor of engineering(Mechatronic engineering)

Summary of Key Skills

· CAD (inventor, solid edge, proengineer , solidworks )

· CAE (cosmos, ansys, ansys CFX,autodyn),simulation with finite elements

· Linux

· Electronic circuit simulation and design (Multisim ,Utilboard, Proteus)

· Development of industrial applications (Labview,Matlab , c++, Automation studio)

· CAM (gibbscam )

· Flowcode and Assembler code for Pic and Motorola MCU

· Handling of continuous furnaces

· Transducers

· Logical Wired

· Repair and construction of computers

· Mcu (assembler code) (Microchip and freescale)

· Design of molds

· Repair of industrial facilities

· Repair and maintenance of industrial equipment

· Lathe machinist

· Fanuc Programmer

Personal Interests

· Science fictions books

· Video games

· Amateur Robotic

· Basketball

· Rugby

· World rally Championship

· WWII History

Selected Publications

1. ALEJANDRO VASQUEZ OSPINA, MARIANA MEDINA SANCHEZ, HECTOR MANUEL VEGA,WILMER ARIZA RAMIREZ, "simulation of the process of physical vapour deposition for the production of thin films, with cellular automata”. Colombia Ingenium ISSN:1692-0899 ed.: v.15 fasc. p.71 - 77, 2007.

2. MARIANA MEDINA SANCHEZ, HECTOR MANUEL VEGA, ALEJANDRO VASQUEZ OSPINA,WILMER ARIZA RAMIREZ, " simulation of the process of physical vapor depositionfor the production of thin films, with cellular automata In: Ecuador Andescom 2006 ISSN: 7845-9201 ed.: IEEE v.1 fasc.1 p.60 ,2006

3. IRIS TATIANA RAMIREZ WEAVER, WILSON SOTO, WILMER ARIZA RAMIREZ, "literatura review-swarm-bots”. En: Ecuador Alimentos Ciencia E IngenierĂ­a ISSN: 1390-2180 ed.: v.32 fasc.1 p.21 - 24 ,2008

4. MARIANA MEDINA SANCHEZ, WILMER ARIZA RAMIREZ, ALEJANDRO VASQUEZ OSPINA, CARLOS ANDRES LOZANO, "cellular automata "the simulation from the simple to the complex"". En: Colombia Ingenium ISSN: 1692-0899 ed.: v.18 fasc. p.14 - 22 ,2008

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